Memo Date
Reference No.
Page Charge Process Flow 17 Oct 2022



Research Helper 28 Sep 2022 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2022/1
Minimum Wages Order 2022 26 May 2022 MMU/RMC/MEMO/HIRING/2022-2
Letter of Engagement (LOE) 15 Apr 2022 MMU/RMC/MEMO/EXTERNAL/2022-1
APC Sponsorship Application for F1000 Research journal papers 12 Aug 2021 MMU/RMC/MEMO/Intyernal/2021-1
Activities related to MMU Internal Budget 27 Oct 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/INTERNAL/2020-11
Revision to the Page Charges Sponsorship Scheme 28 October 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/2020/10
MyCite Indexed Journal Papers 5 Oct 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/2020/09
Industry Grant Budgeting 8 Sep 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/2020/08
Membership in a Research Centre 12 Aug 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/RC/2020/01
Financial Monitoring Of All TMR&D Funded Projects 22 Jul 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2020/6
Purchasing of Items using Pay and Claim Method for External Grant (value less than RM1000) (Using RMS) 2 Jun 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2020/3
Purchasing of Items using Pay and Claim Method for External Grant (value less than RM1000) 9 Feb 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2020/2
Project Management And Monitoring 31 Jan 2020 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2020/1
VISITING ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL 12 Nov 2015 Human Capital management

Page Charges using External Grant

18 April 2019 MMU/RMC/MEMO/PC/ALL/2019/01

Governance of Research Grants under Ministry of Education (MOE)

08 April 2019 MMU/RMC/GRANT/MOE/GRANT/MEMO/2019/01
External Grants Spending Memo 18 Mar 2019 MMU/RMC/MEMO/GRANT/2019/1

Bonding of RS of TMR&D Grants

08 Jan 2019


TMR&D Spending Memo

25 May 2018


Appointment of GRA -MOHE

25 Jann 2018


Page Charges - Journals with discontinued coverage by WoS or SCOPUS

15 Sept 2017


Registration with ORCID, Google Scholar and ResearchGate 15 May 2017 Attachment- Memo Orcid
Revised Guidelines- Sponsorship of Page Charges for Journal Publication using MMU Funds 2 Feb 2017 MMU/RMC/PC/MEMO/2017/1
Contract Research Personnel - Application Process and Appointment Date 30 May 2016 MMU/RMC/CRP/MEMO/2016/1
Open Access Journal 15 Mar 2016 MMU/RMC/PUB/MEMO/2016/1
Revised Guidelines on GRA Top up Scheme 16 Nov 2015 MMU/RMC/CRP/MEMO/2015/01 - Revised Guidelines on GRA Top up Scheme
MMU Journal Database 19 Aug 2015 MMU/RMC/PUB/MEMO/2015/01-Journal Databases for MMU Academics
Copyright Notice 23 July 2015 MMU/CRIC/IPMC-CN/MEMO/2015/01-Copyright Notice in MMU FYP Reports & Postgraduate Theses
External Research Grant 17 Apr 2014 MMU/RMC/GRANT/MEMO/2015/01 - Application for Attending International Conference using External Grants
External Research Grant 17 Dec 2014
External Research Grant 13 Oct 2014 MMU/RMC/GRANT/MEMO/2014/01
Publication Reward 22 May 2014 MMU/RMC/PR/MEMO/2014/01 - Cash Publication Reward
Ministry of Education (MOE) 15 May 2014 MMU/RMC/MOE/MEMO/2 - Blacklisted Journal by Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) 2014
Payment To Graduate Research Assistant 7 Mar 2014 MMU/RMC/CRP/MEMO/2014/01 - Stipend payment to Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for all research grants under the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE)
Contract Research Personnel 22 Nov 2013 MMU/RMC/CRP/MEMO//2013/01 - Working Hours for Contract Research Job Personnel and Contract Research Scholar Personnel
Contract Research Personnel 7 Oct 2013
MOE Fund 12 June 2013 MMU/RMC/MOHEGR/MEMO//2013/01- Memo on ERGS-FRGS
TM R&D Fund 26 April 2013 MMU/RMC/MEMO/TMR&D/2013/001 - Change of Procurement Plan and Budget Virement
TM R&D Fund 7 May 2013 MMU/RMC/MEMO/TMR&D/2013/002 - Financial Guidelines For TM R&D Fund Proposals


Last Updated : 19 Oktober 2022