MMU Innovation Voucher (iVoucher) is an Intellectual Property Reward Scheme for MMU researchers.


1. Motivate MMU staff to turn their ideas and novelty into Intellectual Properties;

2. Transform the mind-set of staff towards a culture that inculcates and drives innovation, creativity and productivity

3. Enhance MMU’s competitiveness nationally and globally.

This effort is also in line with the Government’s initiative to reward and recognize the contributions of researchers to the nation, as stipulated in MOSTI’s Intellectual Property Commercialization Policy for R&D projects funded by the Government of Malaysia.


1. The invention must have gone through MMU- IPMC for IPR protection.

2. The iVoucher is currently limited to patent filed and granted only.

• For every patent filed, the recipient stands to receive iVoucher worth RM 1000.

• For every patent granted, the recipient stands to receive iVoucher worth RM 1000

3. The iVoucher is for MMU staff only. MMU students and authors from other institutions are not entitled for this voucher.

4. This Voucher also applies to past inventors who are still with MMU.


1. Applicants received any personal funds (e.g. honorarium, allowance, etc.) from the University while creating the invention or work.

2. Applicants received any in-kind benefits (e.g. workload reduction, etc.) from the University while creating the invention or work.


1. In a circumstance where there is more than one inventor, the principal inventor and the co-inventors are required to come to a consensus on the reward distribution; and the Innovation Voucher application form will need to be signed by all parties concerned.

2. Innovation Voucher is non-tradable or exchangeable for cash.

3. Voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of issuance i.e. the Innovation Voucher has to be redeemed within 2 years.

4. All unredeemed vouchers accrued in a two-year period will expire at the end of that period, the first two-year period starting from the date of voucher issuance. After the expiry date, the Innovation Voucher is no longer valid. For an instance, for a voucher issued on 6 Mar 2012, if unredeemed, will expire on 5 Mar 2014.

5. Innovation Voucher will be redeemed by Finance Division for the following claims:

• Local/ International Conferences;

• Local/ International Seminars;

• Local/ International Workshops;

• Local/ International Scientific Meetings

• Page Charges Sponsorship

6. Recipients shall be bound by Finance procedures for claims using Innovation Voucher.

For more information, please contact the Collaboration and Innovation Centre (CIC)

Last Updated : 14 Januari 2016