To provide cash reward for outstanding MMU researchers/authors who publish in Quartile 1 (Q1) and/or Quartile 2 (Q2) journals**. The scheme will encourage MMU researchers/authors to enhance their research by producing quality output and publications. Such quality publications in Q1 and Q2 journals will drive citation, improve collaborations and finally university ranking.


1) The reward will be provided based on Q1 Journal (RM1000) and Q2 Journal (RM500).

2) The reward will be provided based on the following quartile. However, for paper appearing in both indexed databases, the higher quartile will be recognised.

Web of Science (WoS):
Q1: RM 1,000

Q2: RM 500

Q1: RM 1,000

3) The journal must be active/covered in WoS or SCOPUS when the paper is published in the said journal.

4) Paper must be printed and published in the said journal. Paper under review or accepted is not eligible to apply.

5) Publication reward application must be received by RMC in the year the paper is published.

6) The reward is only for MMU staff. MMU student and authors from other institutions are not entitled for this reward.

7) Proposed percentage of the reward distribution should be agreeable among Principal and co-authors.

8) Paper must be reported and approved in IRMS.

9) The publication reward is in terms of cash reward.

10) Prior Public Disclosure Approval for journal publication is compulsory.

11) The publication reward is considered a perquisite from employment and the amount taxable shall fall under the current Perquisites from Employment by Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB). It is the responsible of the Principal author /Co-Author(s) to declare the reward amount received to IRB publication reward is in terms of cash reward.

12) VP R&D holds the right for the final approval.

Download application form here

For more information, please contact Research Management Centre (RMC)

** Please refer to the latest MMU Journal Database in List of Memo webpage. Kindly refer to MMU Journal Database category dated 19 Aug 2015.

Last Updated : 15 Disember 2017