Project Leaders, members and research personnel hired by said grant can apply reimbursement through Faculty Admin with all item has been approved and allowed by grant provider (stated in approved proposal).

Supporting document submission

  1. All receipt or proof claim must be clear and colour scanned copies with project leader signatory and stamped.
  2. Print out LOE (appointment letter)/ approval letter /claim approval
  3. Fill up the Claim form.
  4. Submit completed claim form together with LOE / approval letter to Faculty Admin for EDS submission.


  1. Claim must be submit within one month after the event and in the same year.
  2. Payment only can be made to requester not other person.

Please be informed that normal timeline of disbursement of payment made to your account is 7 to 14 working days after been updated in EDS (FINSSO system).

Last Updated : 30 Mei 2023