This scheme allows appointment of postdoctoral research fellows under MMU budget in the purview of the Research Centre (RC). This is one of the initiatives to increase research activities in MMU and hence increase the journal publication rate.

RMC to announce the opening of MMU Postdoctoral position. RC to short list and select the a candidate to fomally apply for the position under the each RC..RC to compile and provide to RMC the supporting document of

  • From candidate ; CV, brief research statement & experience and 3 professional references
  • From RC -• From RC – A letter to explain the availability of research support for the candidate (active group / research facilities / PG students / research grants etc.) and also nomination of the supervisors.

Application shall be submit through :MMU Postdoc link.

RMC to compile and prepare for the interview session with the candidate and RC Chairman.

Last Updated : 31 Mei 2023