Claim using external grant (SAP ID start with MMUE).

Project Leaders, members and research personnel hired by said grant can apply reimbursement through RMS with all item has been approved and allowed by grant provider (stated in approved proposal).

Type of claims

Claim are divided to two types to suit all claims application requirement.

  1. Pre Approved Claim is a type of claim can be made in condition must get approval before the event . For example attending conference, training, LOE, consultant and pay & claim pre approval.
  2. Require approval claim is a type of claim can be made directly through RMS . For example travel and transportation (TNT) and purchasing using petty cash (less than RM200).

Supporting document submission

  1. All receipt or proof claim must be clear and colour scanned copies with project leader signatory and stamped.
  2. To submit claim reimbursement, supporting documents must be receipts, bank or credit card statements. Invoice or Pro forma invoice is not a valid supporting document if no proof of payment made to the supplier attached.
  3. For payment made in foreign currency (oversea transaction), proof of payments converted in Ringgit Malaysia must be attached (MYR). This is to ensure amount claimed made is correct.

Fill up the detail in claim module in RMS and submit for claiming process


  1. Claim must be submit within one month after the event or purchased made.
  2. For stipend allowance, kindly ensure that claim submitted 2 weeks before project/appointment duration end .
  3. Payment only can be made to requester not other person.

Please be informed that normal timeline of disbursement of payment made to your account is 7 to 14 working days after been updated in EDS (FINSSO system).

Claim flow process


PL Approval


Authorised Signature

EDS Entries

EDS Approval


PL,PM & Research Personnel


RMC Admin

Manager/ Deputy Director

RMC Admin



3 working days

3 working days

3 working days

3 working days

7-14 working days


PL Approval

Waiting RMC approval

Waiting RMC approval (inprogress)

Waiting RMC approval (inprogress)

Waiting RMC approval (inprogress)


Application progress status in RMS

see also Claim info graphic. Claim support document

Note : For PG Conference sponsorship by MMU and MMU Internal Grant, claiming process shall be submit to faculty admin and claiming process is using claim requisition form. (refer to for more detail)

Last Updated : 03 Oktober 2022