RRS Leaderboard
The RRS Leaderboard serves two main functions - to provide the community instant feedback on any update they make in RRS, as well as to recognize those who are performing in the respective areas.

The RMC believes these functions are important to encourage the community to regularly update their fellow Faculty members on their research achievements. This helps MMU avoid inaccurate quarterly reporting of the university's research outcomes when staff are only given a good reason to report once a year during KPI compilation. We aim to now give you a good reason to do so every month!
As such, the leaderboard is designed as a point earning system with a turn taking mechanism for its three top awards.

Point Earning System
For the two awards "Researcher of the Month" and "Junior Researcher of the Month" - the point earning system is identical. Points are earned based on the weights assigned in MyRA's scoring system, which is also used for our KPI calculations. (KPI calculations further utilize expected scores based on Faculty achievements, which are not used here, since we have independent Leaderboards for every Faculty.)
As such, the difference between "Researcher of the Month" and "Junior Researcher of the Month" only lies in who qualifies to participate. "Junior Researcher of the Month" is only open to those below (and not including) the rank of Senior Lecturers in order to encourage up and coming researchers.

"RRS Champion" awards 1 point for every update made in RRS relevant to MyRA, without any assigned weightage. We recognize that every contribution our community makes is important, and although some may not carry a high score for MyRA, every point matters!
All three awards have independently tracked points.

Turn Taking System
Based on points earned above, for each of the three award categories, the individual who scores the highest (cumulatively from previous months) at the end of the month will win the award for their Faculty. This is assigned automatically by the system and is purely by points earned alone. The winner's points will then be reset to zero and updates made from that point will begin accumulating again.
This system is designed so that everyone can feel free to keep their records updated without losing a future opportunity to be recognized as every point they earn will continue adding up to their potential to win the award.
It is a system based on the "Dragon Kill Point" system used by large guilds to reward effort of players when killing difficult bosses in massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The system removes (as much as possible) the need for participants to 'game' the gamification in order to artificially 'win'.
RMC hopes that this RRS Leaderboard feature will encourage everyone to participate more actively in not only updating the system with our personal achievements, but also work actively on their research. The system should also help highlight the top performers of every Faculty from month to month, and help establish role models for every Faculty to inspire us all to greater heights.

Last Updated : 02 Jun 2020