External Funding

Purchasing using external funding shall be proceed with condition of

  • Item to be purchase must be in the approved grant proposal.
  • Purchasing must not exceed than RM100,000.00
  • Application shall be made through RMS
  • Any purchasing amounting more than RM100k must submit using internal purchasing process.

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  1. Manual Call For Quotation (CFQ)

Procurement amounting range RM200 to RM 100,000. Number of minimum quotation request from different supplier/ vendor as follows

Amount (RM)

Min Invite

Min Return

Up to RM5,000 2 2
Up to RM10,000 3 2
Up to RM50,000 3 2
Up to RM100,000 5 2

Preferably using registered vendor for sourcing (quotations).

Project Leader/ member compile quotations from supplier , made selection based on the requirement and make request through RMS.

2. Sole Single Sourcing (SSS) (Direct Purchasing)

Project Leader /member source for a quotation and make request in the RMS. Direct purchase is allowed and must suit to one of below criteria.

1. Proprietary equipment / system /material /IPTV Content or Sole Agent/ Sole Supplier / Exclusive Appointment or recommendation by Principal of goods / services /works to be acquired

2. Services of the Government, Local Authorities, City Hall / Municipal councils, Statutory Bodies or other Government agencies and bodies

3. In the midst of establishing a new contract via a sourcing exercise.

4. Carve-out allocation to local companies to support development of local capability and sustainability of local vendors

5. Tenancy or rental of property and associated infrastructure from the land / building / premise / space / infrastructure owner.

6. Fulfilling a specific customer contract requirement where TM is an appointed supplier.

7. Award to TM Group (including Non-wholly Owned Subsidiaries) following the ‘First Right of Refusal’ exercise

8. Procurement of goods/services/works that are determined by GUTSB’s client(s).

3. Pay and Claim Below (1k) Pre Approval Request (External Grant)

Get pre approval for any purchase item or service using pay and claim method. Amount purchase must not exceed RM1000 per item. Below listed items does not apply to this method :
A. Travel and Transportation
B. Transfer Pricing -Through Cynergy
C. Claim items below RM200/ 1 unit
Items has to be granted by funder

Below is the supporting document for purchasing request execution (depend on the purchase condition)

Internal Funding

All purchasing request must be submitted to Faculty Admin (hardcopy). Purchasing request form can be retrieved from intranet (VP Finance Office -> Procurement). For more detail on purchasing using internal please contact procurement unit (

Last Updated : 07 November 2022