1.0 Introduction

  1. Traveling for research project including to present conference paper, attend workshop, training, meeting or other travelling activities which is relevant to the research project. However travelling for above activites must as per funding provider policy/guidelines.
  2. Applicant must obtain approval from RMC before travelling is made for the purpose of the intended research project.However travelling locally (within Malaysia) with claim on mileage, meal allowance, toll, parking fee or taxi fare, will only require approval at the faculty level only.
  3. Applicant is required to make all the necessary arrangements for the attended travelling.
2.0 Application Submission
  1. Steps as follows : (Refer to RMS Manual for more details)
    1. Project Leader or Project Member or Research Personnal (e.g.GRA/RO) can apply through RMS

Stafff log in :

Research Personnel Log in :

  1. Submission timeline :

Type of Travelling Submission of Application to RMC


At least 2 weeks before the date of conference/workshop/training/meeting/others


At least 4 weeks before the date of conference/workshop/ training/meeting/others

3.0 Type of Travelling

List of type of travelling as below :

3.1 Present Research Article/Paper in Conference :
  1. Travelling for conference is to present artice/paper.
  2. Conference held overseas must be indexed in SCOPUS or WoS.
  3. Presented paper must be accepted by the conference organiser.
  4. Public Disclosure of the paper must be obtained from Collaboration and Innovation Centre (CIC).
3.2 Attend Workshop or Training
3.3 Meeting/Invited Speaker
Application for travelling for meeting or as invited speaker must be supported with letter of invitation by the collaborator/institution/conference organsier/etc.
3.4 Travelling for Other Activity
Travelling for other activity other than above will be considered for approval by RMC.

4.0 Proposed Expenditures
  1. Proposed expenditure will be based on type of travelling and as requested by the applicant.
  2. Applicant to provide sufficient supporting documents for any of the selected proposed expenditure below.
  3. RMC has the right for final approval based on proposed expenditure.

List of proposed expenditures are as below :

4.1 Registration Fees

This is including conference registration fee, workshop fee, training fee and other fees where applicable.

4.2 ​​Accomodations

Applicant is required to provide at least 3 quotations with reasonable rate. Approval will be based on the cheapest quotation.

4.3 Meal

Allowance Rate for meal allowance as follows : (HCM's guide for meal allowance rate) )

i) Travelling Local/Malaysia : RM70 per day (maximum)
ii) Travelling Overseas : RM200 per day (maximum)
4.4 Flight

​Applicant is required to provide at least 3 quotations airfare with economy class and with shortest routes. Approval will based on the cheapest quotation.

4.5 Transport

Proposed expenditure will include mileage, toll fee, taxi and others where applicable

4.6 Visa

Applicant may request for visa fee where applicable

4.6 Insurance

Applicable for overseas travelling only.

4.7 Others

It is compulsory for the applicant to provide details if the applicant choose to proposed expenditure under this category.

  • Applicant is required to submit claims with original receipts to Finance Division through Project Leader and Faculty, within 7 working days upon return from the travelling, failing which claims would not be reimbursed by Finance Division. The total amount claimed must not exceed the total amount of sponsorship approved by RMC.
  • RMC reserves the right to audit the expenditure expended by the applicant and should RMC find any discrepancy, RMC shall at its absolute discretion limit the claim.
5.0 Others

Applicant may required to submit a written report on the travelling within 2 weeks upon return and as requested by the applicant’s Dean/ Director/ Head. Applicant may be requested to make a presentation in MMU to share the experience gained from the travelling to the public and MMU community.

Last Updated : 24 Julai 2023