i-Research Management System (iRMS)

All MMU researcher shall update their achievement in publication, profesional membership and award.

RRS Leader Board is a function in RRS to encourage the community to regularly update their fellow faculty members on their research achievements. Points given to every entry made into RRS and winner for each faculty will be identifified monthly in the system.

RMS is single platform to have better grant management system , centralized database for easier data sharing among different units, among project members and also for more accurate data gathering especially for MyRA and Setara exercises and also for any certification audit.RMS is for all application related to research


  • MMU Analytics Reporting (MAR) ( (Accessible for Dean & Deputy Dean R&I , Research Centre Chairman & Respective Admin)

MAR is automatable data retrieve from RRS for MyRA and other application

RMS User Manual - User Manual For Project Leader and Project Member,Research Personnel and Post Graduate (not hired through external grant-PG Conference)

For any enquiry please contact us at staff

Last Updated : 13 September 2021