Process Flow

Hiring Process flow through Research Management System (RMS)

Research Scholarship Personnel

1.0 Research Scholarship Personnel.-Graduate Research Assitance (GRA), Research Scholar (RS)

Minimum Requirements

a) A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) or its equivalent in the related field - Master

b) A Master’s Degree or its equivalent in the related field - Doctorate (PhD)

c) enrolled studies with MMU

Position Funding Study Fee Apply Through*
Research Scholar (RS) Industry/ Other Sponsored if applicable RMS*

Note: Admission fees not waived and sponsored.

Admission online apllication can be apply through . (PG Online Guideline )
Additional admission information :

Detail for the study application can be accessed through the Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) .(

RS can be apply through RMS ( ) after being appointed.

Monthly wages range depend on the funder requirement

Hiring application can be submit through Research Management System (RMS) link as follows :

Research Job Personnel

2.0 Research Job Personnel- Research Assistance (RA), Student Worker (SW), Reseach Officer (RO).

Position Minimum Requirements Funding EPF, Socso & EIS
Research Assistant (RA)

SPM or Diploma or Undergraduate

All grant except FRGS Yes
Student Worker (SW)

MMU Undergraduate /Posgraduate student (for non-Malaysian only)

All grant except Government grant No
Research Officer (RO)

Bachelor or Masters or PhD

Industry/ TM R&D Yes
Monthly wages range depend on the funder requirement.
Note : EPF, Socso & EIS contribution divided to two portions one is employee and another is employer. Both the employees’ and the employer’s must be pay to the EPF. The employee’s share must be deduct from their salary. And employer's share should be deducted from the grant budget.

Find out more on the employee contribution information : Employee contribution

Information on the employer contribution : Employer contribution

Last Updated : 20 Oktober 2021