NTIS Briefing Session 10/11/2020

Author :TTO Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020
Dear all,
NTIS will be arranging a monthly briefing session every second week of the month, on Tuesday at 3.30 - 5.00pm. These sessions will be held in a webinar format where the NTIS Secretariat will share information and the attendees are able to ask questions to clarify all doubts. The session structure will be set as 75 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A. Among the key takeaways for the session will be to:
1. Review the application form and the necessary documents to be provided when applying.
2. Understand the assessment criteria set by the technical and regulatory partners.
3. Understand the eligibility guidelines from funding partners as well as the process of obtaining the funds.
Please take note that the first session will be held tomorrow and the link for the session is attached below.
Date: 10 Nov 2020
Time: 3.30pm - 5.00pm
Topic: NTIS Briefing Session
Passcode: 415294
We hope that this session will help clarify your concerns and ease the process of applying to the NTIS Sandbox for all NTIS applicants.
Thank you.
On behalf of,
NTIS Operations Team

Last Edited : Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020