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Author :CIC Monday, 02 Dec 2019

An international conference program aimed at strengthening the local innovation ecosystem was conducted at the Higher Education Learning Academy (AKEPT) on 28-29 November 2019. A total of 120 people from Malaysia and at least 8 countries around the world, namely: Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Philippines and Thailand participated in the above conference.

The conference, themed “IP exploitation creativity”, provided a platform to interlink and enhance IP exploitation innovation and creativity knowledge in the arena of research, innovation and commercialisation.

In particular, it aimed to:

  1. strengthen knowledge and skills among IP Managers in Institutions of Higher Learning (IPT) towards providing comprehensive IP management services
  2. empower IP Management Units in providing efficient IP management services to industry and community
  3. establish a network of IP managers in Asia as a reference point for all IP exploitation efforts

The first keynote session focused on "Licensing Intellectual Property Rights to Your Own Spin-Off Company" by Mr Andrea Ravaiolli, Manager of Industrial Relationship,Third Mission and Technology Transfer, Division of the University of Bologna, Italy.

In the second keynote session, Mr Sh. Arifin bin Sh. Mohd. Noor, Assistant Director General (Administration And Finance) of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) gave an insight into intellectual property in the Malaysia context.

The programme was funded by EU, with co-funding/sponsorship from UTM and AKEPT.
The “Erasmus+: Strategic IP Management for Effective R&I in Asian Higher Education (SPIRE)”, a program funded by the European Union had managed to achieve the objective of strengthening the knowledge and skills of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on the implementation of consistent IP Strategy and the provision of comprehensive IP services.

The initiative will be expanded to the next level by establishing a consortium of IP managers at the Asean level, and will start with a coordination meeting to be held on January 11, 2020 at the University of the Philippines, Philippines. We hope for this noble effort to be blessed and continue to grow as an important intellectual property reference center.

More information on the SPIRE programme can be found at this URL

MMU also wishes to congratulate Ms. Shuba Ruthiran, Manager of the Collaboration and Innovation Centre for winning the 'Best Presenter' award during this inaugral conference. In addition, our heartiest congratulations also go to the recipients of the 'Best Paper' award, Dr. Olivia Tan Swee Leng, Director of the Collaboration and Innovation Centre and Ms. Shuba Ruthiran for their paper entitled "Social Media Impact on Technology Transfer Office: A Case Study On Branding, Collaboration and Networking Building In Malaysia".

The news on the conference can be read here:

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