List of National Grant
Name of Grant
Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST)
-This can accelerated by promoting collaborative research between industry and academia Opens twice per year
Public-Private Research Network (PPRN)
-Support excellent individual and collaborative research between public and private sector
Throughout the year
Malaysia Laboratories for Academia-Business Collaboration (MyLAB)
-This research aims to enhance excellence in the creation of innovative and advanced in the strategic niche to produce a total solution that is ready to showcase marketed through university and industry collaboration. ylab

1st April 2017 to 8th June every year
4 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

1st Dec to 22nd Jan
5 Transdisciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) 1st Dec to 22nd Jan
6 Long-Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS)
7 Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)
8 ScienceFund Four (4) cycle of application each year
9 Pre Commercialsation Fund (TechnoFund) (MOSTI)
10 TechnoFund
11 InnoFund
12 Flagship Programmes
14 NAPREC Fund (under INSPEN)
-Promote real estate research projects at the national level
15 Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan Throughout the year
16 Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG) under funded by Toray Science Foundation, Japan.
Ten (10) to fifteen (15) Research Grants of up to RM60,000 each for Malaysian researchers below 40 years of age pursuing basic research in science and technology
Throughout the year
17 Malaysia Technical Standards Forum Bhd Grants
-To spur the technology, standardization development and adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the field
of communication network, infrastructure and applications Throughout the year

TM R&D Fund

TMR&D Grant is an external grant provided by TMR&D that can be applied by all MMU academicians. The process starts with the submission of a one slide concept paper by academicians to RMC. The proposed project in the concept paper should be aligned with the current research focus in TMR&D (see or inline with business activities of TM. Upon submission, RMC will arrange a presentation session with TMR&D personnel to get feedback on how to further improve the initial idea proposed in the concept paper as well as getting potential contact for custodian.

Project leader can arrange to meet the custodian to get his/her agreement. Once agreed, the proposal will be forwarded and presented in Innovation Council and later Project Steering Committee for approval.

Throughout the year
19 Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) MREPC ILF Website:

MREPC ILF Online System:

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